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Teaching Statement

At the core of my current teaching practice is the intention to facilitate agency, curiosity, and a space for students to settle, rest, swell and expand in each dance-movement class. One of the ways I propose agency and curiosity to emerge is through improvisation in individual structures and group practices. Improvisation invites decision-making and personal identity to be witnessed and shared; it is a site for collective feeling and composition to emerge. Dedicated time for collective leading and communal dance-making is another integral part of my teaching. By inviting students to enter both roles of student and teacher, I attempt to lateralize the traditional classroom hierarchy. 

       I currently offer classes in contemporary technique, improvisation, beginning ballet, yoga (power flows and restorative forms), and beginning composition. Drawing on my yoga teaching philosophy and experience, my classes include moments of rest, relaxation, and reflection. This rest intends to momentarily quiet the go-go-go external world and return to the internal and eternal landscapes where there is more space and time for observation and rejuvenation.

       Teaching is an ongoing learning experience that requires reflexivity and humility. Individual and group discussions about my students' needs, wants, and experiences are a practice I use to evolve and grow my teaching-learning. These discussions are also a dedicated time to share feelings of safety and (dis)comfort around sensitive topics, including touch, consent, partnering, and teacher feedback. As a movement practitioner, student, and teacher, my goal is to cultivate a classroom of joy, possibility, and pause for students to gather and grow what they need and desire in that moment of movement.



Past & Current Teaching Experience

Sarah Lawrence College

Physical Education Teacher. Classes include Beginning & Advanced Ballet, Creative Movement, and Contemporary Technique. Weekly classes spanning one quarter and/or one semester.

Teaching between 8 and 25 Students (ages 18-25).

Day Camp


Director of Dance. Eight-week long summer day camp with children, ages 3-14. Daily dance-movement classes focused on creativity, imagination, rhythm, and collaboration. Directed and worked with two college-aged assistants, as well as collaborated other specialists in Theater and Music. Taught 1000+ campers each week and choreographed/produced three 30-minute shows for various age groups (~200 camper-performers).

White Mountain School

Guest Artist. Summer intensive with fifteen students, ages 12-18. Class and workshop focused on contemporary technique, improvisation, group composition, and choreography. 

Newbury, VT Community Ballet

Guest Artist. Studio classes with nine 10-12 year old students and two 18 year old students. Movement classes focused on choreography and group pieces for spring performance.

University of Vermont

Teaching Assistant. College dance course titled 'Contemporary 1', with sixteen students, ages 18-23, taught by Julie Peoples-Clark. I led four weeks, focusing on improvisation and group composition. 

Movement for Parkinson's Dance

Teaching Assistant. Remote dance classes for local Vermont community, led by Sara McMahon. 

University of Vermont

Yoga Instructor. Weekly yoga classes with faculty and students, ages 18-25 and 35+ years. Classes included Yoga Flow, Yoga Focus, and Yoga Energy. 

Bad Dog Arts

Teaching Assistant. Summer camp and after-school program for students ages 5-11. 

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