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Dance Making

Chloe’s creative works are understated and whimsical; she asks the audience to lean in and pay close attention to the subtle undercurrents of drama, quirk, defiance, and silliness. Her choreography plays with eccentric gestures, asymmetry, and extreme specificity. Her works reside in an abstract realm, grounded by materials, characters, and repetition.

Videos of Chloe's works may be viewed on Vimeo


As an investigation of retrograde, FOUR-IN-ONE is a task-based performance decorated with melancholy, precision, dramatic music, and blue. 

Presented at The Junction Dance Festival

This dance is an abstraction and absurdification of reflections, heartache, and haunting. Adorned in velvet and accompanied by a song based on a classic novel, the performers exist in a haze between individuality and sameness. There is a politics to duetting.

Created in the ChoreoLab Residency at The Barn

Presented at The Junction Dance Festival



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